Highland Ford Designated Top 25 Dealership Employers

Highland Ford recently was honored as one of the Top 25 auto dealership employers by Automotive News Canada.

The annual survey sponsored by Automotive News Canada rates dealerships on employee engagement and satisfaction. It determines whether employees would give extra effort to see their company succeed.

It also finds out if their jobs provide a sense of meaning or purpose, whether employees like going to work and if they would recommend the organization to a friend who were looking for work.

Highland Ford received superior responses from its staff of 53 employees.

"We identify high performers early on in their employment," Darren Smyl told Automotive News. "We then discuss openly where their future lies within the organization."

Education plays an important part in employee success, Smyl said, They go through extensive in-house training and refresher courses.

As a result, Highland Ford has floated to the top in employee satisfaction.

All the extra effort paid off in major growth for Highland Ford. It increased sales of new vehicles by 19 percent during the past year.

That success also turned into an active role in community events. Highland Ford hosts or stages more than 50 events and sponsorships every year. It has donated $25,000 to St. Mary’s Collegiate & Vocational School and acted as title sponsorship for the Great Northern Round as well as Ride for Autism.

Congratulations to Highland Ford and all of its employees!