Don't Let Winter Strip Your Car's Protection

A few minutes each week tending to your vehicle goes beyond keeping up appearances. The work now means less time playing catch-up when the weather clears.

“Winter weather throws a lot of challenges to drivers--salt, grime, debris, leaves” said Mike Deddo, senior research chemist for Turtle Wax. “Keeping your vehicle looking great means taking a few extra steps. But come spring, you’ll be glad you made the effort.”

Jim Dvorak of Mother’s Car Care offered some suggestions on keeping your vehicle looking sharp this winter:

  • A little effort now protects against a lot of work later: Routine maintenance helps prevent a mess from getting out of hand. A couple minutes cleaning the wheels, tires, carpet, glass and body, yields eye-catching results.
  • Don’t forget to rinse: Salt and sand improve traction on icy roadways or driveways but scratches or corrodes a vehicle’s finishes if left to fester. Hose off the wheels and undercarriage to keep the exfoliant from building up and wreaking havoc.
  • Clean up the cabin: Wet weather turns the interior into a moldy, musty mess in a hurry. Switch to rubber floor mats this time of year so mud, snow and salt doesn’t take root in the carpet.
  • Read and follow product instructions. Use products designed for vehicle carpet, upholstery and glass. Household cleaners may damage vehicle surfaces. Always test products in a small, out-of-the-way area.